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Need a tow? We're here for you. We can tow almost any truck, car, jeep, SUV or similar, taking it where you want to go when you want it transporting. Ultra-flexible, friendly, professional and competitively priced, we offer a complete solution and the best Towing Service Canberra wide. Our team is on hand to tow vehicles anywhere, anytime throughout Canberra and the ACT region.

Typically, customers turn to us for:

  • Vehicle transport following a breakdown or engine failure.
  •  Vehicle transport when a car or truck fails to start.
  •  Assistance when keys have been locked in a vehicle.
  • Planned transport of a vehicle, for example, taking a non-runner to the garage or scrap yard.
  • Vehicle recovery following an accident.
  • Transport of non-roadworthy vehicles.

If you need your vehicle taking from a to b, we can do it for you.

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Towing Canberra residents can depend on and much more

In addition to providing a towing service, our team are also able to assist with:

  • Key recovery from vehicles.
  • Roadside repair to enable your onward journey.
  • Jump starts and assistance when a vehicle fails to start.

If we cannot get you up and running again, we will transport your vehicle wherever you want it to go within the local area, be that to your home, business or a garage.

What can you expect from our service?

We are an established, independent towing service that is committed to offering every customer the very highest standards of care and professional excellence at every stage of their experience with us. Our service has been designed to be as accessible, flexible and helpful as we can make it. When you use us for your towing job, you can expect to receive:

  •  A 24/7/365 service. We literally NEVER close. If you want a tow at 2 am on Christmas morning or late on a weekend night, we are always just a phone call away.
  •  We aim to arrive within 30 minutes of the call, provided you are local to the Canberra area. We have a fleet of tow trucks, meaning that we can complete several jobs simultaneously. This minimises the risk of unwanted delay.
  • When we attend a roadside breakdown or a "lockout" (a situation where somebody has inadvertently locked their keys in their vehicle), our aim is to do what's needed to get your vehicle back up and running so that you can complete your journey.
  • You will receive the services of fully trained, certified, experienced and insured team members who are dedicated to getting your vehicle running, or transporting it safely to your chosen local destination.
  • We will complete everything necessary to load, transport and unload your vehicle safely and quickly.
  • Our fleet of tilt tray trucks are able to transport a wide range of vehicles, including ones that are usually too heavy or big for easy transport. If you have a particularly large vehicle which needs transport or an unusual one (if required we can transport boats, vintage vehicles, agricultural vehicles and construction plant), get in touch and we will see if we can help.
  • A courteous, professional and obliging service. We know that, particularly when it comes to roadside recovery, our customers are often tired, frustrated and concerned. Our goal is always to provide the swift, reassuring and helpful assistance you need in these difficult circumstances.

We offer a FREE quote service on towing Canberra homes and businesses can depend on. We are always happy to quote before coming out, so you know how much you'll be paying from the start. To request a tow or to find out more about what we can offer, call us on 0402 622 707, 24-hours a day, seven days a week.