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Whether you break down in an underground car park or in traffic, our friendly, efficient towing services can help. There's no doubt that vehicle problems in underground car parks can be a major and expensive headache, taking up space and blocking thoroughfares.

Underground parking towing in Canberra at lightning speed

Whatever the problem, we'll respond at utmost speed. We have no interest in dilly-dallying around. Give us a call, explain the situation and we'll send one of our fantastic drivers to you as soon as we can.

Highly skilled, fully trained drivers

We're very fussy about who we include in our expert driving team. Each and every one of our employees is licensed, extensively trained, fully insured and highly skilled. You'll be be impressed by their depth of knowledge, efficiency and preoccupation with safety. Be rest assured that, when you hire us, your vehicle is in experienced, capable hands.

banner7Customer service that makes you smile

Not only can you count on us for fast underground parking towing in Canberra, you can rely on our customer service. A breakdown can be incredibly stressful; when you call for help, you need to hear a sympathetic, understanding voice on the other end of the line - and that's exactly what you'll get when you dial our digits. Our phone staff, like our towing crew, is experienced and smart. All you have to do is explain your situation and we'll organise assistance pronto.

Reasonable rates

Towing has an expensive reputation, it's true. But we don't want to add, unnecessarily, to your stress levels. So, we take steps to make sure our rates remain at reasonable and competitive levels. If you're interested in getting a quote, no strings attached, get in touch today.

Available 24/7

Unfortunately breakdowns, accidents, incidents and illegal parking can take place in underground car parks at any time of day or night. For that reason, we make ourselves available 24/7. Whether your car won't start at midnight or someone's left their vehicle in your car park overnight without permission, don't wait. Give us a call without hesitating.

Get in touch

Would you like to book underground parking towing in Canberra or enquire about any of our other services, we're just a phone call away.