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Whilst many companies in the Snowy Mountains area offer a breakdown and recovery service for cars, bikes and jeeps, the transportation of heavy vehicles like heavy trucks, semi trailers, coaches, buses, plant and agricultural equipment is a whole different story! Covering Jindabyne, Cooma, Perisher, Thredbo and the surrounding area, Aplus Towing offers a complete breakdown, recovery and transport service that's tailored to the needs of heavy vehicle owners and drivers. Just a phone call away, we offer 24/7/365 support and towing if required. When you're stranded at the side of the road, we have the capacity to pick up your vehicle and tow it wherever you need it to go!

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Heavy Wrecker Available 24/7/365!

  • We have invested heavily in our heavy towing vehicles, ensuring we've got the heavy-duty towing machinery that's needed to easily move trucks, heavy trucks, semi trailers, coaches, buses, flatbeds and more.
  • Even if you've got a truck that's stuck, or you need your flatbed taking a considerable distance over challenging terrain, our heavy wrecker is usually up to the task!
  • The crew here at Aplus Towing are all well-trained and experienced: this means your vehicle will be handled with care and transported safely. We understand that when a vehicle is worth thousands, if not millions, of dollars, it's vital you can trust hauliers to look after it properly! Sadly, not everyone in the breakdown industry has the skills to work confidently with bigger vehicles. Our team regularly use the heavy wrecker to transport vehicles to and from Jindabyne, Thredbo, Perisher and Cooma.
  • We can pick up from your home, work or on the road, taking your heavy vehicle to a garage, depot or anywhere else you need it dropping off.


Take a look at our Supertilt!

In the aftermath of an accident, or when a vehicle has suffered a major malfunction, it may not always be possible for it to be towed. Our supertilt offers the perfect solution, enabling coaches, buses, lorries and similar to be lifted completely off the ground and safely transported to an appropriate destination. This makes us the go-to heavy towing service for clearing up after accidents involving heavy trucks and semi trailers, as well as dealing with vehicles that have sustained significant damage in other ways. Our team is skilled in the use of the supertilt, which means we are able to move larger vehicles from challenging locations, as well as straight-forward tow jobs.

Scheduled and emergency towing available

In addition to heavy-duty towing in emergency situations, we are also able to arrange scheduled pick-ups. If you've got a bus stuck at the depot that needs taking to the garage, for example, the supertilt or the heavy wrecker can usually get the job done. For emergency towing, we are almost always able to get to customers in the Snowy Mountains area within an hour of receiving the call. Our crew are ready to go within minutes, covering Thredbo, Perisher, Cooma, Jindabyne and nearby parts of the Kosciuszko Road and The Snowy River Way. Don't forget that we are able to fix most common faults at the roadside: many of our customers are able to continue their trip once we've sorted out the battery problem or tyre issue that's caused the breakdown.

Fully insured heavy-duty towing

  • Aplus Towing is fully insured and complies with all relevant regulations.
  • With an excellent knowledge of transporting larger vehicles, we can take your heavy trucks, semi trailers, coaches, buses, plant and agricultural equipment almost anywhere, no matter what state it's in.
  • A family-run business, we aim to offer a combination of great results and professional, friendly customer care.

Contact us today for the safe and efficient heavy towing service of your heavy equipment.